Frequently Asked Questions

Alcohol has a tendency to denature certain organic compounds whereby reducing their effectiveness. Alcohol also denatures protein, which can negatively affect living cells and even kill them. This biological sterilization can virtually wipe out the usability of an herb’s components. On the flip side, glycerin is known to preserve them.
Alcohol is hard on the liver and could potentially worsen your condition instead of improving your symptoms.

A dropperful is whatever comes up in the dropper when you squeeze it. Often, it only looks like about a half a dropperful, but whatever you get when you squeeze the dropper… that’s a dropperful. If you counted it (which would be really boring), it would be about 30 drops. 120 droppersful in every 4-ounce bottle.

The standard dosage is 2 droppersful, three times a day. Now, if you’re having problems, you can certainly take 4 droppersful, three times a day, or 4 droppersful, five times a day. For immediate relief, you can even increase your dosage to 6 droppersful, 8 droppersful, 10 droppersful or more. Then, once you start getting results, go back to the standard dosage. The bottom line, if you’re not feeling well and your symptoms are persisting, take more herbs and take them more often. That’s how you heal yourself and create powerful health.

With herbs and herbal formulas is that, in the worst-case scenario, you’re going to feel a little sick to your stomach. However, this rarely happens. What usually happens is, when you take larger doses, you get well. So don’t be afraid to really increase your dose when you’re not feeling well.

Children vary dramatically in size and shape. One 5-year-old can be very different from another. The safest and most effective way to dose children was by weight. After all, we want to adjust their dosage by how much their metabolism can handle. The surest way to do so is by weight. Simply make a fraction and put the child’s weight over 150 pounds. Just look at the following example: A Child of: 30 pounds / 150 pounds = 1/5 of the adult dose.

Yes! We only use vegan, organic, and ethically sourced products.

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